Baby Hats

Here they are: the finished baby hats. I made a couple of them earlier this year – before I started the blog – so obviously I didn’t take any pictures before I gave them away. I’ll try to change that in the future….

Here are the Daisy Hat and the Rosebud Hat (from itty-bitty hats by Susan B. Anderson) for Baby A. born on March 14th to my lovely English/German friends who moved from London to Dresden last year.

Models are Teddy and Mr. Bear. Fortunately, Mr. Bear (left) had no problems to be the model for a girl’s hat! I hope he won’t mind doing that again as my friend M. from Germany just had a wonderful baby girl. Baby C. was born on April 24th and I started knitting a couple of hats for her… Mr. Bear comes from the Teddy Bear Factory in Vermont, I got him years ago when I went to the U.S.

Teddy is G.’s bear and is my usual baby hat model. Teddy got so upset when I made this hat with ears (still from itty-bitty hats) and gave it away, that I had to make one for Teddy to keep…. The blanket under Teddy was part of the gift and my very first blanket.

For the new baby hat I have tried the figure 8 cast on and at the moment it looks like this. Casting on was not as bad as I thought – probably problems now will start to dribble in…

3 thoughts on “Baby Hats

  1. laurie says:

    Very adorable baby hats! Blanket is amazing. I have never attempted something on that scale with knitting–quilting, yes–but not knitting. Great patience.

  2. Tournesol says:

    I’m glad you liked it! I followed the pattern of the Mason Dixon Log Cabin Blanket: I picked up all the stitches one side at a time and knitted three rows of garter stitch (adding one stitch per row on each side to allow for the corners).

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