Where you feel most at home

Ever been in a place, doing something you feel completely happy with who you are and what you’re doing? A selfish ambition? Without wanting to become all philosophical about it (especially, since other people have written about it, sung and played and acted about it, danced and sculpted and designed their thoughts about it much more eloquently than I would presume to be able to), music and singing is just this place for me. Funnily enough, this always comes to mind when I am extremely tired and ask myself – was this really what I had in mind. The answer has to be yes! So, no rest for the wicked, and on with work.

Yesterday I got together with some friends and colleagues to prepare for some mosaique workshops we are going to offer in Germany and the UK. As some of them are not singers, I was taking them through a vocal workshop, so they would know what to expect, and I thought again what an amazing privilege it is to do what I love best 🙂


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