An outing to the countryside

My parents are currently visiting from Germany, and I had the nice challenge of finding a destination for an enjoyable outing that wouldn’t proove to be to much for my mum’s back problems.

We set out from a very sunny and warm London and drove North-West towards Oxford. As Oxfordshire opened up before us (my very favourite view as you drive down the hill between two rock walls), we saw a big black wall of clouds that seemed to cover all of Oxfordshire. OH NO!
Well, we continued on into Oxford and after finally locating a parking spot (quite a challenge, as anyone knows, who’s tried this feat before) started having a look around. I love the old university buildings and book stores, cafés and shops. But – of course – it started raining. After fleeing into a little Italian restaurant and making the best out of the weather by having some lunch inside, I ran for the car and picked my parents up where they had found some shelter from the rain.
What to do?! There was no way I’d give up. Should I just let a rain front alter my plans for the day? Nope! Sooooo, we bravely went on through the rain to Blenheim Palace to have a look at the gardens and park. AND….. the sun came through after all!!!!!! Yey! Here are some pictures from the garden and the Butterfly House at Blenheim (the once-upon-a-time-home of Winston Churchill)

Also, we found the very nice maze. And while my mother sat down as she was in quite a lot of back pain, my father and I went to explore ….. The Maze …..

Oh, and the really funky Month-of-the-Year-Sun-Dial! Have a look at this! Of course I just had to try it…
…so I stood with my feet in the little square readying ‘May’ and…..
….my shadow appeared just slightly left of the 5 on the sun dial. Great – It definitely works (as long as there is some sunshine)!
A lovely end to a day that turned out really nice after all.
So, we took the little train back across the grounds to the car….
…. got the car, and drove home towards London 🙂

4 thoughts on “An outing to the countryside

  1. laurie says:

    You have been in England long enough to know it’s all about the rain! However, that rain nurtures the plants that you had a chance to share with your parents. What a great outing! I would love to have one of those “month” sundials–how neat! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Knittymama says:

    Lovely photos!

    So glad to see you’ve started a blog! I’m also a musician (a bassoonist) although I’m a lapsed one at the moment as it’s been hard to keep up with it with the kids. I still teach music part time, so I’m glad to see a blog devoted to my two favorite things! 🙂

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