Here they are!

A couple of weeks ago I won the coffee and yarn still life contest on the Knitter’s Coffee Swap. The prize arrived last Saturday and made me really happy!

I never had stichmarkers before: I always used different coloured yarn. Ever since I discovered that stichmarkers exist I was very tempted to get them, but I could never bring myself to buy any as they are the sort of luxury my mother and grandmother would call me insane for buying. They have used coloured yarn for ‘centuries’, why would I need something like this now….?
I guess I’m much more influenced by them than I’d like to admit 🙂 BUT the problem was solved by winning some! They are absolutely beautiful. A wonderful work of art! And you can get them on Etsy – in case you were wondering….


One thought on “Here they are!

  1. laurie says:

    Those are indeed beautiful. I use very small rubberbands myself. Maybe someday I too will have something “fancy” like these to use. Now when you knit you can feel spoiled. Enjoy!

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