In Lübeck

I’m staying with my sister in Lübeck for a couple of days. At the moment we are sitting on her bed G., my sister and I all with our laptops waiting for R., my sister’s boyfriend, to wake up from his nap. He had a hard day at the clinic and declared he couldn’t go out for dinner if he didn’t have his two minutes of sleep.
We had a great day doing almost nothing. My sister has the flat in the center of town, everything in walking distance. We went out to get some funky Roiboos tea (Peach&Cream and Creativity) some sugar free licorice, Gummybears , some German Books and a cool poster.(Two things in life one can’t do without: cats and books). One of the books is by a German comedian about his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. According to my cousin it was great fun to read. And the must-have in Lübeck: Coffee at Niederegger! I had a marzipan flavoured black tea. Not bad!
– …. we just came back from dinner-

We had a very funny, very nice dinner at the Steakhouse which had a great view of the Holstentor!
I really enjoy holidays!
The blanket I made for my sister was finished in time and she loves it! Unfortunately I forgot to make a picture at home and just took one yesterday night with bad lighting with G’s camera. I will put them on the blog when I’m back home. Despite a very happy sister (which made me forget the long depressive weeks of working simple garter stitch) I wouldn’t knit a log cabin adult size blanket again all that soon. It looks great, but it’s really heavy to knit the last two rectangles, it pulls on the arms. But I found a similar pattern online…I’ll post more about that later as well….

One thought on “In Lübeck

  1. laurie says:

    I can’t wait to see the blanket! Sounds warm and delightful to wrap up in.

    I want to go on holiday/vacation where you are! It sounds and looks so wonderful. Family is always good to connect with.

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