Five days of holiday

Last Wednesday I was looking at this! I have been in Catalunya for five days and this is the view from the terrace. The sea is slightly to the right of this picture, I know, not very geographical! We found a great way to walk to the beach. It took me about 1 hour and that was only one way (plus this way goes down the hill and in the heat of the afternoon), but I managed. One needs to remind oneself of the essentials and I made it both ways, otherwise I couldn’t sit here and write about it. There’s no WIFI on this little hill…
I wish I could go out for a coffee like the one on this picture, but no, I have to work. (I took this picture especially for Laurie, good coffee now makes me think of her!) in the square of Palafrugell.


2 thoughts on “Five days of holiday

  1. laurie says:

    Thank you, Thank you! I got the postcard from Spain. I want to be there with you and the family. It looks so fantastic (and warm). The beach? You went to the beach? Wonderful. Were there lots of people “worshiping the sun” in the sand?

  2. Tournesol says:

    Glad you got it! Not that many people on the beach, lots of them were actually doing something like playing volleyball or surfing or just walking. It’s a “family beach”. It’s usually packed on weekends with locals from tiny babies to tothless grandparents for the day on the beach- very nice.

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