socks, socks, socks and monkey addiction

Here they are: the Sockapalooza4 socks for my sock pal…. very simple ones – and I hope she will enjoy the soft Poison Nr.5 superwash yarn from Wollmeise. And again, ready to be posted off to my sock pal on Saturday.

But why stop there? Once sucked into the addiction to sock knitting, I could not leave it at that, could I?! In-between finishing my Ocean coloured Sea Silk shawl project (to be displayed here, once I have had some time for blocking it – by the way, any good blocking advice for over-sized shawls/stoles from anyone?) and continuing with the Lana Grossa ‘Gala Print’ jacket for my mum, I just couldn’t resist the current monkey sock craze.

Thanks, M., for getting me ‘hooked’ to this new habit….! So here is one pair in “Rittersporn” for me (!!!!!) below and one in “Poison Nr. 5” for M on the left.


3 thoughts on “socks, socks, socks and monkey addiction

  1. Beth says:

    I love your monkeys, especially the poison pair. I really should get around to making some of those myself, but it seems like I already have too many patterns on my list.

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