Proms II

Despite the miserable weather I queued for a ticket for the Proms yesterday. A, my oldest friend and M, my sister’s friend both played in the Lucerne Festival Orchestra which performed in yesterday’s concert. For everyone who knows them, you will be able to just about see them on the left side of the podium. Maestro Abbado conducted and mezzo Anna Larsson was the soloist in Mahler’s third symphony.
I was the last one to get a ticket to the arena – something went wrong with the complementary tickets A tried, but orchestra members had huge problems to get even family members into the dress rehearsal on Tuesday. I only got a ticket because G pushed me forward when the usher only wanted one last person in, and there were still 3 in front of us…not something I would usually do.
I felt so sorry for G who then had to go home as she couldn’t get in through the gallery. It was a shame, because there seemed to be enough space up there. If it wouldn’t have been raining almost all day, I don’t think we would have had a single change to get a ticket at all. The Lucerne Festival Orchestra is always very popular and it proves impossible to get tickets in Lucerne itself.
Having heard them yesterday I have to say I understand this. You always hear critics rave about the perfect orchestra sound, but this one really has a special sound. It was a perfect balance of strings, wood winds and brass, even the right balance between violins and celli/double basses (ok that’s a former string player speaking here). I very much enjoyed maestro Abbado conducting, a real conductor, no need for ‘special effects’ simple yet effective communication with the orchestra. If you have the opportunity to see them, try to get a ticket it’s worth it!
I waited at the stage door for A and M and went on to an improvised party that M and her boyfriend were having in their hotel room. I haven’t seen M for about 5 years when my sister and I bumped into her doing our last Christmas shopping, but she hasn’t changed a bit. G suggested she is using a cell renewing shower gel. I couldn’t stay for long, but it was great fun to see them all. It made me feel like a teenager again, so many summers we used to hang out together at the Varga Festival in Sion. And of course A has known me all my life or rather the other way round as I’m three month older. So despite having caught a slight cold standing in the rain yesterday I feel blessed having been able to meet up with old friends.


One thought on “Proms II

  1. on the wings... says:

    It sounds like you had an AMAZING time. I wish I could have also seen and heard the performance. Old life-time friends are good to hook up with from time to time.

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