I cannot believe I’m sitting here and blogging instead off going upstairs and printing the stuff out I’ll need for teaching tomorrow morning! There would be lots of things to do actually, but I sit here glued to the spot – well no, I’m keeping G company who is finding her way through Adobe Illustrator painting pictures we’ll need tomorrow. Why is everything always last minute? Is anybody else leaving things late as well or am I the only one. It does feel like everyone else is always so well prepared and organised- just not me. In my defense I have to say that I have been fighting with my computer and internet in the morning, trying to use my online banking which didn’t want to let me use it. It ended in lots of cursing and me stamping into the Bank (thankfully there is a branch in walking distance) in order to complain and make them change my standing orders there and then. Obviously this unplanned event held me up in my time plan – other things that threw me back. Oh yeah, I put on the washing machine – and forgot to press the play button (twice!) NOT my day. Not even in the bank when I thought I’d have time to read my new book: there was almost no queue. I swear if I’d forgotten to take the book I’d have waited for hours! So not many breaks, no knitting (although my green jumper is almost finished and looks at me reproachfully) and not much reading.
On a happier note my new book is really great. It’s Encounters With the Invisible by Dorothy Wall. It’s about her life with CFS . It is my very first book I bought about CFS and I’m only on page 34, but I really like it. Why did I never buy any book about it before? I don’t know, maybe it’s too close to me to read about it. I’ll post a review of the book once I manage to read rest of it.


3 thoughts on “Weekend?

  1. on the wings... says:

    I have been teaching for years and still never seem to be “ready” for my lessons. There are always last minute items I want to add or change. There is always copying to do, something to buy because I forgot I am out, a twist on the subject that I just thought of only hours before. Most of us seem to work better under a bit of pressure. That same last minute pressure also stirs the creative flow, which adds to the stress. And thus it goes. I worry, actually, about those that aren’t doing the last minute “shuffle”…do they lack so much creativity that they believe all their lessons are perfect? I laugh.
    By the way, M, happy September!!

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