Woolly Sheep

Now, I should be finishing what I started…. at least that’s what I keep telling myself all the time.
Alas, the truth of the matter is that I enjoy knitting so much more than blocking or sewing together…. or…. well, FINISHING! Although I love the feeling of having a FO in hand, I just don’t like the tedium of getting from the last knitted knot to the FO. So my overview at the moment is:
1 blue Seasilk shawl – finished knitting about a month ago, still needs blocking
1 green KidMohair shawl (for M) – finished knitting about 1 week ago, still needs blocking
1 Lana Grossa Gala jacket (for my mother) – finished knitting about a month ago, still needs blocking, sewing together, crochet border, sewing on buttons
1 felted messenger bag – on the needles at the moment (I am using my Knitters’ Coffee Swap pal’s gifted yarn and just found something to go with it at i knit london….Shetland Marl! So this is still in process and I am actually looking forward to felting my first felted object)
1 Woolly sheep – on the needles since yesterday, as I couldn’t resist starting after I just got the black and white wool from i knit london at the same time as the wool for the bag… Knitting loops is so much fun! (and no, not enough fun to be starting on a bath mat).

So lets face it, the woolly sheep is most likely going to be finished before I’ve finally blocked that lace shawl….


One thought on “Woolly Sheep

  1. Seanna Lea says:

    The loops look like a lot of fun (at least at the beginning). I only really get things completely done if they are small enough to block on a tiny kitchen towel while I am making dinner or something. Too bad for all of the projects that are larger than a pair of socks.

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