Woolly Sheep Diaries 2

And here she is: Miss Maple! (no spelling error – Maple as in Maple Syrup, in honour of the great sheep detective of Glenn Kill). As predicted, she came into being before either lace shawl was blocked, and the felted bag is also still quite a way from being finished… But who could resist? I certainly couldn’t.
Right from the start, she enjoyed good company and very nice surroundings, as we were visiting my friend S. who lives near THE SEA!!! So one of my obsessions has already been passed on to Miss Maple: I’m sure she will always be crazy about sea and waves and strolls along beaches. M. (who came along as well) thinks I completely loose my marbles when faced with the seafront. There is an initial joy that just bubbles up, can’t be controlled and expresses itself very inappropriately in childish jumping up and down, and running to the water to have at least touched the sea, even though it’s probably too cold to go in….
Well, as far as Miss Maple was concerned, this weekend was the best: she came to life near the sea and amongst lots of opera scores and within sight of a baby grand piano. What more could a sheep want!

Oh, I forgot to mention (and was asked on my last ‘woolly sheep diaries’): the pattern comes from The Knitter’s Bible. To finish this post, one final glamour shot of Miss Maple:

5 thoughts on “Woolly Sheep Diaries 2

  1. Tournesol says:

    It’s not only cute, it’s also cuddly (those are my hands on the picture). I think there are plans to translate the ‘Schafskrimi but up to now it’s only in German, but totally worth dusting off the Wörterbuch!

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