An eventful weekend

M. and I set out to have a laid-back weekend as our photo-shoot event to make promo pictures for the October concert was postponed: some rest, some knitting, maybe a visit to the gym, some good cooking (we took that beef roast out of the freezer to try a new recipe), maybe going for walks in the sunshine….
As you might have guessed, this is not quite what happened. As we both had a day off work on Thursday, we had started our ‘mission’ to improve the kitchen: new silicone around the sink and water tap, sanding and re-oiling the kitchen work surfaces, and then M. also white-washed a shelf and chest of drawers for her room.
Well, come Saturday, a little trip to Divertimenti brought us home with new storage containers, a muffin tray, butter container, and a few other goodies, but not the colander we had set out to buy. And of course these had to be put in place, and while one is at it, one could clean the cupboards in the kitchen, and……

Sunday started with beautiful weather and a Sunday paper, followed by a lovely lunch with a mutual friend on the Southbank of the Thames – then a bus ride home and …..

A completely blocked drain (not blocked due to the residues of our cleaning, but there since Friday) in the kitchen sink forced us to experiment with our abilities as plumbers after Mr Muscle drain cleaner had done nothing to clear the pipes over night – completely unscrewing and cleaning out the pipes under the sink (which didn’t do any good as the blockage seems to be further down in the system, but was quite a funny sight of two women with yellow rubber gloves and fairly disgusted facial expressions), and M. decided that now that she had started, she could also go on to paint the big shelf blue – more sanding and painting followed and we eventually collapsed with a cup of tea at about 9pm on Sunday night….. pictures to follow…. off to work now…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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