blanket and pipes

Now I want something like this! The weather is perfectly horrible – drizzle!! This is an euphemism for the fact that you are going to be soaking wet when you leave the house. It’s this soft, light rain which crawls under your clothes, and I swear even your skin and bones (if you stay out really long). The blanket on the picture is the one I’ve made for my sister earlier this year, the log-cabin-mega-project. It took about 45 minutes for ONE row in the final square! The flat giraffe is a book mark I got my sister for her ‘light readings’. I think the plan was to snuggle up in the blanket and grab a good book. She is going to graduate from medical school in January and there is a lot of ‘non-light’ reading to do. But she loves the blanket so it gets used – light reading or not. I have been thinking of knitting one for myself and I found an easier (portable) pattern somewhere on the internet. It must be somewhere in my bookmarks… I finished my green jacket, but it’s still missing buttons. Maybe I can buy some tomorrow… My list of what to do gets longer and longer. On a happier note my blue shelves (on the picture below) now are the home of my new box files (LOVE them) with music (in ORDER) and a lot of my scores. Some live in the living room. Still, my room looks like after a small bomb explosion although one can see how it could look like when everything has found it’s place.

AND the pipes in the kitchen have been replaced and we can now do the dishes. No more swimming pool in the kitchen sink! According to J who stayed home for the plumber he took 3 hours and he had to lift the floor boards. I’m glad we stayed away from that! 🙂


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