Weeeeeeeeks on end I have been spying on Ravelry, thinking I’d be the last person who would get an invitation. Ok, ok I over-exaggerate – a lot actually – G.’s still waiting for her invitation.(imagine nasty laughing here) Despite the flu I got last week (probably sitting in the wind while the plumber knocked off half of the wall in the bathroom) I’m soooo excited. I really, really, really should take more pictures of my FOs. Ok, I’m off doing that and eating some soup. No recipe for this one, we just threw all the remaining veggies in the pot. Ok, this is not going to make you want to cook, but go to 101 cookbooks, I’m sure there is something in there for everyone. I have tried a few like the banana bread – hmm that’s actually a very good idea I could put that in the oven while the soup’s heating up. Have to go… Oh I forgot I’m Tournesol in Ravelry as well. See you there!


One thought on “Ravelry

  1. Laurie says:

    Congrats on getting your invitation for Ravelry! Warning: it can be addicting to go onto the site…there are so many wonderful things to see and want to make. Don’t say no one warned you!

    Nice to see you back for another round of coffee and yarn, by the way!

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