Sheep Outing and Concert Prep

Not sure whether I love or hate the manic time before a recital…. Probably rather love than hate – lots of rehearsals, research and writing for the programme notes, practice (trying to fit it all in with the part time day job), some nerves…. Oh, and of course the obligatory COLD! I have been thinking back, and I can remember more concerts with colds than without, even one fairly legendary ‘Lemsip Concert’. Do they pay commission if you display their cold and flu medication in the intermission?!
M. has also been under the weather, and we are praying and keeping all fingers and toes crossed that things will be well, come the recital on Wednesday. It’s a really lovely programme (thank you, M, for choosing most of the arias / songs!) with Baroque and 20th/21st century repertoire.
While trying to rest enough, get rid of the cold, not spend whole nights on Ravelry, and enjoy some of the October sunshine, Miss Maple (who has now been joined by Mopple the Wale) went out for a little outing in front of the house…


2 thoughts on “Sheep Outing and Concert Prep

  1. Michelle says:

    Ah yes, colds and important vocal recitals seem to go together somehow… I tend to do the pianist’s equivalent, which is to slice one of my fingers open when chopping veggies about two days before the recital. (I’ve learned my lesson, and eat a lot of raw, unchopped veggies before recital days!)

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