Turning Pink for October

Five minutes before the beginning of the 9th of October we turned pink (talking about insomnia…). All of this started with the weekly email from IKnit whose webpage not only turned pink, but who also have a breast cancer fundraiser for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
Last year we managed to organise a breast cancer fundraiser concert back home in Germany. This concert was not only a fundraiser but also a memorial concert for my friend Beate who died of breast cancer in November 2005. She was one of those lovely people you’ll always miss. She was hugely active when we started the Charity that supports our vocal group. I think one would be right to say that without her, there wouldn’t be a Charity at all. The concert was a huge success with the local radio station recording and broadcasting bits of it later. We tried to come up with a fun programme that Beate would have like herself. Her husband was in the audience and very proud to see that his wife did make a difference to the world. Yes she did! She made it more lovely. So we turned pink for October (we are no 548 on the Sites Going Pink) All illnesses suck, so let’s unite and give them hell 🙂


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