When I came home from work today, I made some of the beautiful new Allegro Mexican bean coffee from Whole Foods to try together with M. and we both snuggled under blankets and had a cup of coffee, some sugar-free chocolate chip cookies (yes! they exist, hurray!!) to knit / work with laptop on lap and listen to our latest Elizabeth Peters audiobook (from the Amelia Peabody series: “The Ape who guards the Balance“). And there is a whole weekend ahead of me – well, quite a busy weekend, really, but I am looking forward to it. Before I get into the business, I will continue some more of my newly found rich, smooth coffee.

This week I finished my new Sahara Pullover in Alpaca Silk (Blue Skies), which I have been wearing ever since. Here is the sleeve…. (incidentally a Tigerduck portrait is peeking over the top of my arm 🙂 I love the yarn, which is a shiny grey/blue. Very classy – could be worn in the office or to dress up a nice pair of jeans. Oh, but I better stop blogging and turn the audiobook back on, as it is not really fair to make M. wait how the story continues while I write and write.


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