Packages ready

Wool leaving us…. After resisting A LOT of temptation in Get Knitted in Bristol last Tuesday, our packages for the knitters’ coffee swap3 are ready to be mailed out tomorrow. I hope my pal’s going to like it, it was so much fun to get everything together. Mine is going to the US, but it should still be out before the Christmas rush, so it should be fine and not take too long.
I was determined to have it ready before the first UK Stich ‘n Bitch day on Saturday. It was hard enough to resist on Tuesday and any excuse buying more wool.. I don’t think I’m fit to fight it. We finally ordered tickets for the event today (probably the last people to order them). If we are still in presentable shape after this event we’ll be at our friend ON’s birthday bonfire party.


2 thoughts on “Packages ready

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi Tournesol and Tigerduck too,
    I read about the stich and bitch and it sounds fantastic. I hope you have a great time. (how could you not?)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Laurie says:

    The first Stitch & Bitch! Wow! It sounds like the organizers put alot of time and effort into making the event fun. It’s great to be surrounded by others who also have “issues” with fiber (ha ha).

    A bon fire party sounds like loads of fun, especially this time of year.

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