Stash and Christmas Knitting

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we set off for the fabled Get Knitted in Bristol? One Stitch’nBitch Day and several visits to Stash and i knit london (including a fun knitting meeting last Thursday) later, and my stash has grown unconscionably.
However, I’m doing my best to knit my way through it (like the mouse eating the elephant: one bite at a time 😉 I have yet to make pictures of the Smooshy Sock Yarn I bought at the Socktopus stand and some RYC Cashsoft…. And I can’t wait to see how the Sirdar Foxy will turn out (as beard for the Christmas Gnomes)!
From now on until Christmas – once the second lace scarf is finished (the one in moss green Handmaiden Sea Silk) – you will probably be finding me knitting Christmas Gnomes (Alan Dart) or baby kits (my friend AS is expecting her second child)…. if you will find me at all among my stash….

Happy knitting and may Christmas take a long time to arrive!


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