Post Christmas and New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, stating the obvious, Christmas is over. Unfortunately, I was sick with the flu all of Christmas and spend most of the holidays in bed with a fairly high fever…. as did M. who visited her parents, as did my mother, whom I was visiting (my dad was sneezing for maybe half a day and that was it, so at least I didn’t get the entire family sick). Lots of time for knitting, though, once the fever had subsided.
I am all excited about the beginning of a new year. I like new beginnings and (hopefully positive) change and surprises, and here is a whole new year to go. No new year’s resolutions on my part – just to take every opportunity, to be thankful for my friends and family, to help when it is in my power to do so, to make music with passion, and to enjoy life as much as possible – which is not really specific to this new year.

Sooo, for a fun start, have a look at the little creams and custards and the Bohemians’ choir in Verdi’s Traviata (in the video bar on the right of the blog).

Wishing you a fantastic 2008!


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