Christmas Knitting Results

I was finishing so many little projects before Christmas (and during Christmas), that I have to slowly catch up on sharing them with you lovely lot. Some of them haven’t yet been photographed, so here is a start with some of the ones that have.
On the left are the socks I knitted from my dad (he was a bit concerned that his feet now appear on the internet…. well, they do!) Made from Dream in Colour Smooshy in Cocoa Kiss. I bought the yarn at the London SnB Day at the lovely and very tempting Socktopus stand. They were a joy to knit despite my dad’s biiiiiiiiiiiiiig feet (size 48). The pattern is Harris Tweed by Ali Green.

Next one up is a very quick scarf project for my niece L. Very soft (as she is blind, I try to give her texture and things that are lovely to touch). Made from Lana Grossa Favola, simply knitted in “Patent” stitch. As I was sick over Christmas, I couldn’t even give it to her yet 😦

Anyway, I’d better run. More projects later….


2 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting Results

  1. putasockinit says:

    I do like that yarn you’ve used for the socks. I’m knitting a pair of Harris Tweeds myself right now. 🙂

    I’m sure your niece will love that scarf. It’s so thoughtful to knit something tactile for her that feels as pretty as it looks.

    Hope you’re on the mend after your Christmas sickness.

  2. Tigerduck says:

    Oh, thank you. So nice of you to leave a comment! I really enjoyed knitting your sock pattern. I did a grafted toe ending for the first time and my Dad found it really comfortable. Also, I always knit a heel flap, but usually straight and not with an increase. So, another first for this sock, which turned out really nicely.

    I am not sure L. has received her Christmas gift scarf yet, but I hope she will like the feel of it 🙂

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