Spinning meeting…

….hmmm didn’t sound too appealing at first. I don’t spin. It makes M. think of the whole spinning action in Wagner’s Flying Dutchman – and once she has started giving a rendition of all roles and the entire opera, who is to stop her?! Also, despite my love for crafts and knitting, and (almost) all things hand made, I am NOT PATIENT! I can’t face having to wash, comb, pull and spin yarn, to then combine threads to twist them into bigger threads…. and all of that before even starting to knit a single loop!
However, D. gave M. and me such a lovely invitation, that we couldn’t really say no. We were even allowed to knit while the others spun – AND there were very nice peope as well as sugar-free cinnamon cookies and tea. So, altogether a lovely meeting. I will go so far as to say I love watching others spin and I also like the individual threads that come out of it. It’s soothing. But maybe not really for me – how could I finance another fibre habit?! I will simply enjoy meeting up with some lovely people and knit while they spin. Yeah. Although…. maybe I can try just a little….


3 thoughts on “Spinning meeting…

  1. Tigerduck says:

    That’s really a hazard for all involved – I might not know the whole of the Flying Dutchman, but I do know Gretchen am Spinnrade…. I’ll end up singing, I warn you! 😉

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