I’m working…really I am…

I really should be sitting here and working on our project for September, but somehow I can’t bring myself to really start. There is sooo much going on right now, but I’m not allowed to tell anything about it. I have a meeting in a couple of hours – by phone, so I don’t need to leave the house. I have done all sorts of things to keep myself busy and away from starting to work: I have tried to restore some of the pictures taken last Tuesday at ROH and put them up on the blog, I have (extensively) read all sorts of blogs, watched some video clips on YouTube – one good one with Jonas Kaufmann in London. Speaking to Ge. at work yesterday, he expressed his doubts about Kaufmann being a ‘real’ German, because of his dark eyes and hair. Well not all Germans are blond and blue eyed…
I then continued not working and congratulated T. on becoming an uncle (knitted him a couple of hats and mittens for his brand new niece for Christmas) washed my new ‘Forest Green’ hat knitted last Sunday (no picture yet – wool bought at Socktopus) and went on Ravelry (which can take some time as we all know). When I was (finally) about to close down my internet connection ( I found out that I do work a lot better if I’m not distracted by email etc) I received an email from a friend who is facing a terrible time right now. He’s one of the kindest men I’ve known. Both G. and I have worked with him for many years and done a lot of crazy stuff together.
A look on the clock tells me that I have about 10min to get my stuff together before the meeting starts…. but I’ve to have a break in the middle (going to the hairdresser, a girl needs some fashion). Right, now I’d better go.. I really should go, ok I’ll go…
Note: Went out to get hair cut and realised that it’s almost spring!
Note2: Sister finally sent pictures from the IPod sock I made her for Christmas – here they are.


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