Where is my head?!?

It was there just a little time ago when I checked, but it seems to have gone missing (at least the insides of the same, which make the rest of me go into the desired direction or give the command for intelligible speech, etc.)
Work, job applications, job interviews, 2nd round of job interviews, waiting for answers, trying to edit 12 hours of footage into an inspiring 10-minute video clip for a funding application with software I am only just getting used to, finishing another website design, handing in my tax returns, …. breath…., keeping in touch with friends and family, oh – maybe – knit something?! as the birth of my friend’s baby is imminent, knitting meeting, spinning meeting, deal with plumber as heating went off over the weekend while I was trying to work, trying out whether I can survive on 5 hours sleep per night, Arrrgh!!!!!
Well, the surplus of Adrenaline from the job interviews helps somehow, but I would like to get a positive answer and not wait any longer.
Well, to cheer myself up, a few more FOs from the Christmas period:

Monkey Socks (Colourway Turf’s up)

Hot Water Bottle Cover (Cotton)

And the buttons I found for the Water Bottle Cover

Victorian Lace Mirtle Leaf Scarf for my friend H. (Malabrigo Lace Weight)

Hmm, yes, I feel all cheered up now. There will be time for knitting again one day….

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