Do you ever need a reminder to see life as a forward motion, full of challenges? Just that little kick in the butt to stretch forward and be ready for the changes, challenges and opportunities that come, even if you can’t really plan it all out? Well, I certainly do. And thanks to dancer and teacher Royston Maldoom I had such a reminder today. How fantastic it is to be jolted back into the right frame of mind from time to time (uncomfortable, but truly necessary). Thank you, Royston! Check out his projects, including Rhythm Is It! with Sir Simon Rattle and the Berlin Phil, which was made into a full feature film.
I spent a good part of the past couple of weeks getting together video material from mosaique’s educational programmes, preparing a DVD intro for a presentation. With all the little niggling things that need to be done, my sluggish brain needed a reminder of what it’s all about.


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