Activities over Christmas…long time ago

I know it’s February (almost March), but work exploded after Christmas and I forgot to put up the pictures of all my knitting Christmas activities… I made my first stitch markers as a present for a knitting neighbour of my parents. Pretty stitch markers cannot be found easily. It took almost 30 minutes to explain what I needed to the shop assistant who was very eager to help, but had clearly no idea what I intended to do. I have to admit that part of the credit for those markers goes to my mother helping to find some simple practical solutions for putting the beads together and burning her hand on the lamp while I took the pictures….

Literally finished the day I went home to Germany was my Mom’s Christmas gift: Sahara by Stitch Divas, here without sleeves. I had to block it here (in the UK) because I couldn’t be sure that she would see it lying around somewhere in the house otherwise. My sister almost fell over her IPod Sock which I proudly showed my parents before she arrived home – and then forgot to hide. Luckily she had no idea it was an IPod Sock (she got the IPod for Christmas too), but a phone cozy. Phew!
The Sahara pattern proved my Mom’s prejudices wrong that jumpers without seams never ever fit properly. I like it when I’m right:-) It’s knitted with worsted Malabrigo in Amoroso. It was such fun knitting this pattern with this wool, that I’m doing the same pattern again in Malabrigo, this time in Emerald.


One thought on “Activities over Christmas…long time ago

  1. Rose Red says:

    Sahara looks really different (in a good way) in malabrigo. It’s in my queue, I have the yarn, I just don’t have the time! (yet!)

    Your stitch markers look great too.

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