Almost Weekend

I said to M. last week – only half joking – that I am only 20 job interviews away from my ideal weight…. Be it auditions or job interviews, my adrenaline production just shoots up and, ahem, well, lets say I don’t want to be too far away from the bathroom. So I end up not eating in preparation to avoid embarrassment. Yesterday was such an interview day, and although all considered it went well, this one is definitely one down on my list, 19 more to go. …. Maybe I could make some money by writing a book called “The Adrenaline Diet”, or maybe “Embrace your fear and arrive at your ideal weight”… Then again, it might be a bit high risk for people with heart problems or high blood pressure… Hmmmm.
Well, today is Friday, I am off to work now, but the weekend is almost within reach. Just before I go, here is a picture of my improvised ear flap hat for my SPF. The wool is Artisano Alpaca Aran.


3 thoughts on “Almost Weekend

  1. Tigerduck says:

    Thank you so much! One of my Christmas knitting activities 🙂 By the way, I couldn’t believe it: I’ve been invited back for a second interview…. My mom and best friend must have been praying too hard 😉

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