Beam of sunlight

After all the horrible news and adventures of the past weeks, finally some sunshine back. I was reunited with my knitting (Odessa Hat) on Monday. I left it at work (I know, how could I!) and it was neatly packed away in a little bag marked with my name and the word DANGER. I’m still not quite sure what the danger is – the pointy sticks or me…. Yesterday my friend A came to London to play at Wigmore Hall with the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival Ensemble. A is my oldest friend (our parents have been friends since college times) . We met for breakfast in town before she had to leave for rehearsals. Her mother recently got a little labrador (lots of pictures to see) and A’s friend (who happens to be one of my sister’s friends, too) is pregnant with twins (no pictures yet)! Baby shower gifts here I come again. G has done so many wonderful little gifts for her friend, but there was no reason for me to start knitting on the off chance that one of my friends would get pregnant.
The concert in the evening was quite fun and entertaining to listen to and watch. The comic bits came with the contemporary music item. G. Kurtag’s six little pieces for clarinet, viola and piano had more page turning elements than actual music. R. Schumann’s piano quintet op. 44 made a fantastic, powerful finale. One could see that all the players had fun and not for the first time I regretted the fact that it’s not fashionable to cheer in-between the movements. Especially after the first one, which finishes on such a high and dynamic point it calls out for you to jump out of your seat and cheer. Well, maybe in a couple of years we’ll change common practice and it will be accepted to do this like in the times of Schumann.


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