Mid-week s(t)ock take

It’s Wednesday, and so far I only had one further (third round) job interview… still no news as to the final results, and another second round interview to go tomorrow (sighs deeply). Sunday’s talks went well all things considered, but we are still quite a way away from making the new workshops a reality. Still, in the long run this will hopefully turn out as a great opportunity.
Oh, and then there is KNITTING 🙂 to keep us sane, right (whatever amount of sanity there was in the first place, which is debatable to say the least).
The Melon Pattern Scarf (Victorian Lace) in Rowan Kid Silk Haze (colourway blood) is now finished, complete with some lovely Renaissance beads M. gave me for Christmas. However, since it was finished on Sunday, it has not left my neck very often, so I have had no chance to take pictures, yet. The number of baby blanket squares is constantly growing, and I am planning to start blocking and sewing this weekend. I have finished two pairs of Express Lane socks (pattern by Diane Mulholland) , both made of Dream in Colour’s Smooshy Sock yarn (colourway Beach Fog). One pair for my friend A. in Germany, who’s birthday I missed by two weeks (!) and one shorter pair for M. for putting up with me through the interview process.
Oh, and as a post script, my mother sent a picture of the iPod sock I made her to go with the iPod she got for Christmas. Wollmeise sock yarn, combining Poison No. 5 and Rittersporn. Here it is:


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