Sheep message – cute isn’t it? It took 200 sheep, 6 dogs and 3 hours to arrange. It doesn’t feel a bit like spring at the moment, though. It was snowing on Monday, absolutely miserable weather for Easter – according to the weather service it hasn’t been that cold over Easter for 38 years! I have some time this morning and wanted to use it to take some pictures of our Easter decoration and update my knitting pictures, but somehow the camera is missing. I got told off for working too much and I promised to do less before leaving the house this morning – I had so many headaches lately. I need to organise my time better, so that I have some to rest as well….
I have now found the chip with the all the pictures on it, but the actual camera is still nowhere to be seen. So you just have to take my word for it that there is some Easter decoration in the house (and that we made ourselves) and that I knitted at least 3 Odessa hats (I’ll keep one) and currently two more are on the needles. One is for my friend A’s birthday – together with a biiig fluffy towel for her weekly trip to the sauna. In absolute hat mood, I have done a green beret in a berry pattern which G is currently wearing a lot as she left her hat on the train – again. I’m still knitting the second version of the Sahara in Emerald Malabrigo and should do another pair of socks for my Dad as he loved the pair I gave him for Christmas to death. I wasn’t quite sure he would like them as he has freakishly sensitive feet. Buying socks with or for him requires an expert – he is just not going to wear them if they are scratchy – probably he had enough of those as a boy. Smooshy did a great job, so there will be some more of those in the future. If I’m lucky, the yarn will arrive before I leave for Germany tomorrow evening. I have to go home for some check ups and A’s birthday which means that I’ll miss the spinning meeting on Saturday morning. Ah, why can’t I have it all?!


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