Don’t tell me you added butter, too?!

I often read “it was one of THOSE days”… well, it certainly was one of THOSE weeks. If at all possible, I was more tired this (Monday) morning than I had been on Friday night after a week of working over-time every day.
The working week ended with M and I making some Risotto on Friday night (we often cook together), both not being able to eat much of it, deciding that it must be tiredness. The Risotto lasted us until Sunday, when M had a look in the butter dish (to butter a toast), wondering out loud where all the butter had gone…. she had only put a small piece into the Risotto – wait “You put BUTTER INTO THE RISOTTO, TOO?!” Well, let me tell you it tasted lovely and lasted for three meals for both of us. 🙂

It was a very nice weekend with a spinning meeting in J’s garden on Saturday morning (I still don’t spin but was knitting happily on another baby hat…. more about this in a later post and no, I’m not pregnant). But from the moment M and I returned home, we were glued to our computers editing away at a promo DVD for our vocal ensemble. Oh, the memories – apart from the understandable problems in listening to oneself perform (I should have done this differently, not the right breath control here, so-and-so messed up this bit), it was a journey into reminiscence…
Apart from being absolutely shattered from not having slept enough and having worked through most of Saturday and all of Sunday, I loved every minute of it! We really built up an ensemble out of nothing despite M’s sometimes debilitating illness and my having to earn money in non-singing jobs to make ends meet. This weekend’s journey to past concerts and projects really made me want to fight for our little tiny corner, making a difference in some people’s lives by performing for them and enabling them to make music as well (any encouragement is more than welcome, especially as M has been rather poorly in the last few weeks!).
So up, up and beyond…..


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