Madness – and gratefulness

Is it ever going to be summer this year? This morning the sky was bright and blue and enthusiastically I was wearing a skirt to meet our friend HC for breakfast before she starts her estival activities in the UK this year coaching in Glyndebourne. G, HC and I used to share a house for a while and I really miss her and our crazy Monday morning conversations about the meaning of life. But coming back to the summer outfit, by the time we went home at about 1pm my legs had a nice blue-ish colour and for the rest of the day I abandoned the idea of summer clothes.

I’ll leave the story with the ‘cat Nazi’ and the slight madness that followed to G for another post. In any case, instead of visiting the cat we went to Ikea last weekend and bought lots of stuff and an assortment of boxes and shelves to organise all our things: music, CDs, DVDs, books and – yarn!

With order re-established, I virtually didn’t leave the room in days in order to finish our press pack for our Body&Voice – Voice unlimited Project! From about 20 hours of material (concerts, workshops etc) we created a short video about our ensemble – only 2 minutes long and not too bad for someone who’s not a technician in the first place. Eventually we’ll put it on our YouTube site, so you can see for yourselves.
I’m so proud of our Body&Voice Project. A project that unites singing and body works with a team of experienced singers and practitioners; oh, just go over to our Body&Voice website where G just put the English site in place.
I had this idea for years, but only last year I found a team of practitioners who believed in the project. We received the most amazing feedback in our workshops last year. In about a day our amateur singers (who generally only sung in the shower) not only learned a couple of opera choruses (some in two parts) but happily performed them at the end in a mini staged version – and last but not least had loads of fun.
As an interesting side effect, our practitioners loved the singing so much that they joined in the singing classes like it would be the most natural thing to do and one of the participants has now joined a choral society. We usually get a lot of comments from people who think they are ‘not cool enough’ or ‘not good enough’ to join a singing workshop. Excuse me, but if you love to sing then you are definitely cool and good enough to do it (I’m not saying you will become an instant professional).
Who knows – you might find that you’re actually much cooler or better than you think you are – and let me tell you the surroundings of the abbey where we will be doing the course this September are spectacular. So grab your favourite partner and/or friend and go to Germany for a weekend. There is loads to discover!


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