A lot of words

What words do we use most in our blogs…. an interesting question.This is dots&yarn laid out in a wordle: a graphic representation of all the words we use. I know, I write most of the entries lately – but G gets to read (and correct!) them before anyone else can see them. Since I have a dislike for stating the obvious at times or I get carried away for whatever reason and my mind is already in the new paragraph while I’m still writing the previous one. I wonder, though, if anyone of you would recognise us in those words...?

Unlike in German (where I have several favourite words like fürdahin which doesn’t seem to translate) I wasn’t aware which words I used most; apart from really which gets used in every language in the house – even in Portuguese thanks to a weird moment of watching parts of Shrek in Portuguese.

Some words seem to be quite prophetic like ‘got sewing’ which G definitely did do over the long weekend. We still need to put up the pictures of proof, but this will definitely be the topic for another entry – maybe tomorrow if we’re lucky.


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