Express Lane Socks and Saturday Roast

D – I finally managed to make a picture of the Express Lane Socks I knitted for M (lovely pattern! I just had to make the socks slightly shorter as I was knitting with leftovers from my previous project: Dream in Colour, Smooshy, Colourway: Beach Fog).

When I woke up at 7.30am this morning, the beautiful awareness trickled into my conscience, that it was SATURDAY! The day to turn over in bed and sleep or doze another hour or so… no squeezing into the tube (London Underground) or fighting your way through masses of city dwellers on their way to work, to make it to work just in time (as the London Underground train had to park in the tunnel once again and took 30 minutes for a supposed 10 minute journey…)

So I turned over in bed and enjoyed the sun that tentatively shone its way through the clouds and into my window. K could unfortunately not make it to our weekly mosaique meeting and rehearsal today, so M and I had a nice long breakfast, knitted a few rows and listned to Ella Fitzgerald (Ella Swings Lightly). Such a lovely chilled and cozy morning.

A little later, we got this ready (here it is just going into the oven):

Oh so yummy pork roast on a bed of roast potatoes, tomatoes and onions…. mmmmh…
A, who is studying in the UK for a year (or more..), came by for lunch and we had a lovely – and, lets face it, fattening – meal and nice chat. In a couple of weeks’ time M and I will be staying with her parents in Salem, OR 🙂 I can hardly wait – Seattle, Portland, Salem, Bend, Cannon Beach, Crater Lake…. here we come!!

Until then I shall knit a little faster to be able to finish my gifts for our lovely OR hosts, and I might add a couple of items to my USA shopping wish list…


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