Sunday Fashion Show

The sunny weather in the morning made it possible to take good pictures of some knits that I have done a long time ago – way before Ravelry existed. Therefore I cannot remember the correct years in which in knitted them, but it must have been somewhere between 1996 and 2000.

Green Silk Cardigan (Seta from Lana Grossa)

G and I ran outside (in the middle of breakfast – obviously not trusting that the sun would last until we finished!) to take these. Probably to the delight of the entire street. We had some people passing by, watching with amusement, not understanding what was going on. And might I add it was still freezing in the sunshine and the light breeze didn’t help to make me any warmer. Thankfully I got some hot coffee with the rest of my breakfast after we finished.

Golden Top, horrible pattern, but really cool once done, made as a concert top (looks great ‘au naturel’ with black trousers) with Lincraft Starry Night

Cable Top with Seta from Lana Grossa

Lana Grossa India

I have never tried this combination before, I made it as a concert top. I knitted it for a skirt I found on sale at Monsoon for a fraction of the original price (broken zipper – a nightmare to fix). I had no idea what to wear with it. It’s difficult to combine because of the changing colour of the skirt. I told the lady who runs the yarn shop at home, when I went home for Christmas (obviously I had to have a stop in my old LYS) and she suggested this ribbon yarn. Amazing what you can find in your LYS!


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