Happy Birthday, M!



Today was so much fun – beginning with a little midnight celebration with all three (housemates) of us! (here is a picture of one of the birthday cards, balloons and gift wrappings)

M, you might not be a little girl anymore, but we have at least as much fun now… And, lets face it: getting older is a whole lot better than NOT getting older 🙂

I love sharing our lives, have lots of fun and couldn’t have a better or more trustworthy friend. I shall marry you off some day to a wonderful man (somewhere in the world they still make them, right?!), but until then I shall enjoy that God has entrusted me with the best friend I could have been given.

So, just to reminisce, here is how you looked, hmmm, some decades ago with your dad at the beach….

(If the ‘marrying you off’ thing doesn’t work out, probably this is going to be us in a few years:)

Whatever it may turn out to be – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   I am happy you’re my friend!


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