A very long day

Monday, 22 Sep – The day had finally arrived: at 3.15am our cab waited in front of the door to wisk us away to our Pacific North West holiday in the USA…. well at least it wisked us all the way to London Heathrow Airport, from where our first flight was to take us to Amsterdam.

The first little shock came while checking in (KLM’s online check-in hadn’t been working the day before!!! grrmph): there were no two places to sit next to each other on the 10-hour flight from Amsterdam to Portland, Oregon. NONE!!!! However, once on the plane, we were able to talk a lovely gentleman from the Netherlands to swap places with me (G.) and so we started the long journey together after all. What a relief, and what a nice start! We watched films and chatted when we didn’t sleep.

Driving along the Columbia River

What a long day it turned out to be: ever wanted 32 hours in a day? Yes, I’ve said that before as well – and here it was! Being the crazy people we are, we couldn’t let the first day go by without taking the scenic route for our drive to Seattle and thus decided to drive along the Columbia River towards the coast, up on Highway 101 along the Washington coast, and then back East towards Seattle and on to Poulsbo (where our lovely 1st B&B is situated).

Don’t let me bore you with all the details…. suffice it to say that we were beyond exhausted by the time we got to our destination (at about 11pm local time – 7am British Summer Time), but the views along the way made up for it:

First view of the Pacific (Washington State)

First view of the Pacific (Washington State)

Tuesday, 23 Sep – our first forray into Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island and Seattle (this time awake). As my eye lids are starting to droop and M (next to me) has nodded off to sleep already, I’ll just post a few pics and tell the stories later. Here is the short form of our day:

– visited 1 yarn store in Poulsbo (Wild & Wooly)

– visited 1 yarn store on Bainbridge Island (Churchmouse Yarns and Teas)

– took the ferry to Seattle (felt very Grey’s Anatomy – must watch the next season’s episodes while in the US!!!)

– walked (and walked) around Seattle (more tomorrow), visited the market and first ever Starbucks (felt very Sleepless in Seattle, excuse the pun – ha!), walked some more (kept coming back to the Symphony Hall.. a sign?!?)

– fought with the supposedly free WiFi at another Starbucks (never got it to work), bought canned soup, a pasty and some Yogi tea at Deli

– took the ferry back to Bainbridge and drove ‘home’ to lovely B&B where we warmed out our dinner. Wanted to knit, but have begun drifting off to sleep while writing on blog…

Churchmouse Yarns and Teas - Bainbridge, WA

Churchmouse Yarns and Teas - Bainbridge, WA

Churchmouse Yarns & Teas.... and GOODIES!

Churchmouse Yarns & Teas.... and GOODIES!

Here is the Route we took:


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