From Seattle, WA to Service Creek, OR (2)

Still 24 September, and here are a few more pictures we took along the way….. so much to see, and quickly changing terrains.

Our first sighting of the the Columbia River Gorge – and the bridge that we were supposed to drive across from Washington State into Oregon State. Well, nice plan, but it wasn’t going to happen: the bridge was closed for repairs.

But who is going to complain when the surroundings are this beautiful. Even though the sky was slightly overcast, the sun did find its way through and it was lovely and warm. So we drove on West-ward along the Columbia River Gorge, looking for the next bridge crossing into Oregon, which we found eventually…. and we drove East-ward along the River Gorge, this time on the Oregon side, until we picked up our road again. The stunning volcanic formations made up for it!

On the Oregon Trail, the terrain changed again and we drove along the plateau, while the sun traveled West-ward and closer to the horizon, and the clouds painted dramatic skies in some places and peaceful pink-blue layers in others. It’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom and calm: maybe a contented, happy version of loneliness – hardly ever another person, just the occasional village or small town and all this beautiful, rough but peaceful nature around us. Quite a lot to take in for two city girls.

Here is one more picture M took as the light was fading just after I had driven us through Fossil, OR. The slow shutter speed the camera needed to collect all the remaining light, blends trees into each other at the speed of travel.

Driving through the dark along Hwy 19 had its challenges, not least a nearly missed encounter with a herd of deer crossing the road. Thankfully I could safely stop the car without hitting one of them. Sligthly shaken from the near encounter and very tired, we fell into bed at Service Creek Lodge.


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