Painted Hills to Salem, OR

The Painted Hills trails were lots of fun – not too long or hard to walk, so that M was able to make 4 out of 5 without having to push herself beyond the amount of energy she had available for the day: an amazing achievement! We sat for a while, enjoying the sunshine, stillness, spectacular views and dawning realisation that anything just might be possible. Despite CFIDS. Despite the world in turmoil in the credit crunch. Despite pressing problems at home. Despite. The little rut we tend to get caught up in might be based on real problems, but it becomes so strong in our heads and hearts that sometimes a little bit of perspective helps a lot. These beautiful surroundings certainly made the heart and mind soar and feel free to break out of the cage…

Painted Hills - Panorama

Painted Hills - Panorama

We sat there for a while without saying anything, and at some point were ready to move on. In many ways. So we walked back to the car and journeyed on West-ward.

Along the way we kept seeing mountain tops, and Mount Washington welcomed us from afar. Here it is peaking out above the clouds:

Mount Washington

Mount Washington

Besides the stunning surroundings on the next leg of our journey, we also saw the results of both human-caused fires and natural catastrophies…

Although nature is recovering, it will take many, many years until the scars of large forest fires will really heal. It was so painful to see miles and miles of burnt trees and burnt earth:

Dechutes National Forest

Deschutes National Forest

The stark contrast between the stunning colour of lakes and rivers and the dead surroudings will stay with me for a long time. We didn’t linger, but drove on West-ward and towards Salem, where we arrived in the late afternoon. It’s good to be with friends – old and new!


2 thoughts on “Painted Hills to Salem, OR

  1. dotsandyarn says:

    Thank you! We had a fantastic time – and are still catching up on posting the stations of the journey! Back in London now, but at least on the blog the journey continues as we re-visit while posting…

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