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Silver Fall (Panorama)

Silver Fall (Panorama)

We did a lot of driving during this holiday as we wanted to see so many things, and we did see a lot of wonderful things and met fantastic people.  This is going to be the last post about it, since it’s been almost two months since we returned home.  I have some time to get the blog back up to date as I’m home with the flu this week.

While still in Salem (OR) we went to see the Silver Falls. After hiking behind one of the falls, we set on our picnic blanket (which we had carried with us all the way from London) and knitted in the sun and, in my case, had to rip it all up later as it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. G got to show me all the places where she had been working 10 years ago, and all the nice spots around town.

We drove further South for a couple of days starting again with Lincoln City along Highway 101. At the beginning the weather wasn’t great, but we had our magic moment that day with food. Pure coincidence; while reading to G from a guide book about the best restaurant in the area we were driving through, we just happened to drive by it.  It was so worth to stop! The Tidal Raves Seafood Grill Depoe Bay is awesome. The food was great – my first clam chowder, G’s been on my back to eat it for years! – and reasonable prices, plus the view from the table was breathtaking. Apparently one can even see whales there (although we didn’t on this occasion)!

Well, we didn’t have much luck with seeing any sea animals at close range that day: driving on to the Sea Lion Caves, the Sea Lions were all in the water – probably to look for some fish to snack on. I shot some pictures where you just about see them bobbing out of the water.

Hecta Lighthouse from Sea Lions Caves

Hecta Lighthouse from Sea Lions Caves

The day ended with a perfect sun set on sunset beach (yep it’s really called that) in an otherwise not very picturesque part of Highway 101.

Driving further towards California early the next morning we had more luck with the picturesque. We stopped on a long beach. G took what looks like 50 pictures of waves and beach and I just enjoyed lying in the warm sand.

My wish of seeing the Redwoods (what watching Hitchcock’s Veritgo can do to you) and a closed road got us much further down into California than we previously planned to do. We didn’t make it as far as the big drive-through trees,  but we got a good idea of what they look like.

After a (very) short night in Weaverville (CA) (cut short because some men enthusiastically uploaded their truck to go to the coast even before the crack of dawn) we drove back to Oregon very early. I can say that the Starbuck’s in this town opens at 6.00am and were were one the first customers… so at least we had a coffee!  After a short breakfast stop in Siskiyou (OR), we arrived in Ashland which is not only home to the largest Shakespeare Festival outside the UK, but also to a great yarn store called Websters

where we (obviously) spent a considerable amount of time and (equally obvious) bought some beautiful yarn

Websters in Ashland (OR)

Webster's in Ashland (OR)

including some funky Noro (the yarn not the bacteria!) which has now tranformed into a birthday present scarf for KH. As we started to leave Ashland the weather changed and it started pouring. We had an attemped drive to see Crater Lake, but since the weather wouldn’t improve we turned around and drove back to Salem (our last stop before flying back to London).

On our last day the weather didn’t get any better: it rained constantly (obviously the entire State was crying about loosing us….). We ended up driving almost directly to the airport. The flight back can only be described with the word safe, because it otherwise lacked considerably in comfort or service. Half of my seat was usurped by an overweight woman. It’s not the overweight that did it, it was her attitude that made life very hard in these nearly 10 hours. Not even ‘accidentally’ poking her with bamboo needles while knitting with my birthday yarn helped!

Apart from this the holiday was great and we started a little piggy bank for the next trip over there, there is still so much to see.  If you’d like to see more pictures you can stroll through them on my Flickr Page.

Beach Panorama

Beach Panorama


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