Catching up Part II

Now settled comfortably with a coffee and a Banana Chocolate Bar I finally had a look at the new Inside Loop Winter issue. I’ve been wanting to do that since this morning. Very nice patterns and oh so tempting to start another project…(Make mental note: must not start new project before Christmas knits are all done) I love that Kai called her pattern Armenius! Almost 20 years I lived in the area where Hermann (or Arminius in Latin) fought against the Romans in the Teuteburger Woods. I used to see the Hermannsdenkmal

Vercingetorix surrenders to Ceasar

Vercingetorix surrenders to Cesar in Asterix

(Hermanns Monument) every Friday on my way to my Cello lessons. Arminius was one of the first German heroes –  although Germany didn’t exist at the time – very much like the French Vercingetorix and equally as unfortunate. Vercingetorix was strangled to death after being publicly displayed at Cesar’s triumph in Rome and the body was then dropped into the sewage system. Arminius was murdered, aged 37, by an insidious relative probably over some political questions.


G in early years

AW my friend from school used to have very passionate arguments with pretty much everyone about the question where the battle really took place – under the heading of: “Wo Hermann die Römer wirklich verdrosch” (where Hermann really beat up the Romans). There is a Hermannslauf (‘Hermann’s run’ for all of you jogging/marathon loving people) and if you’re lucky you might still find one or the other Roman coin buried in the grounds. The Romans not only lost an army (the famous Varus army), but also a considerable fortune in those woods.  As you can see it’s quite a fascinating subject. Hmm, maybe one should look for an audio book with something about Hermann while knitting this pattern….?

G's sick
Birthday Girl some years later over a bowl of steam…

November saw G’s birthday in a swirl of flu virus. G was the first to catch it and I got ill right on her birhtday! Perfect timing! Celebrations were kept short as the fever would rise by going downstairs into the kitchen and the bed was the place to be. Thanks to excellent food delivieries sevices we managed to have at least a nice meal that day. For days I couldn’t even knit and let me say I’m doing a linen pattern, a no brain pattern, but even that was too much.

So instead of knitting my way through Christopher Paolini’s Brisingr on audiobook I slept through most of it. Not really a problem the book drags a bit at times and you can easily have a nap and still follow the story line.

Since Christmas is coming (and I know my family is spying on the blog) I can’t say what I’m knitting. I have one project for me though, thanks to the Coffee&Chocolate swap on Ravelry and the lovely eefanugget who picked out some worsted Malabrigo yarn in a fabulous blue colour which is currently being transformed into a Mabel’s Scarf.


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