Am I getting slower

or is it getting closer to Christmas and I get the normal pre-Christmas-i-can’t-do-it-all panic?

I  got stuck at Hammersmith for a very long time when coming from a meeting in town- and it wasn’t even rush hour then!  Well, technically  this can happen at any point in the year, but when you get half buried under someone else’s Christmas decoration while sitting on the bus you know which season you’re in.  It felt like a total waste of time and, like always when I feel I’m wasting time and/or energy, I got upset. But looking at today’s to-do list, it seems that I have achieved some things.

Done in no particular order

Cleaned the house  – just the top floor (but this included dusting under the beds, putting on new sheets etc and the bathroom)

Did some laundry just the essentials as I had to leave the house

Worked on my project for this week – obviously never enough as there is so much to do

Ordered some (and I hope cool) Christmas presents not telling what, sorry guys have to wait until Christmas

Ordered some safety eyes on e-craft (and they are already dispatched, they are quick!) – not telling what they are for either – yet

Checked out flights to Lübeck – too expensive, so I checked out my sister’s new place via Lübeck virtual tour – well not the real flat just the street she now lives in. And on a different note while looking at all the nice houses: I miss double glazing!

Participated in Tichiro’s Adventskalender which she has running on her blog. Really nice blog, lots of knitting pictures!

Bought some Nikolaus presents to be stuffed into housemates’ boots tonight.

Cookie from delicious days blog

Cookie from delicious days blog

Still to do

Wrap said Nikolaus presents

Make list of cookies to be baked tomorrow (ingredients!)

Bake a lot of cookies and maybe a Stollen

Buy a tree and decorate it

Order the two items that I stupidly forgot while ordering Christmas presents the first time

Buy yarn (really important!) for charity project

Finally, check out Alice’s new shop (have been wanting to do that for weeks, but was either working, had to rest or sick)

Write Christmas cards

And last but not least lit some candles, listen to audiobook and knit. And what does your weekend look like? Hope you have a great one!


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