Little Christmas knits

I’m sitting here waiting for the handyman to come and fix the radiators and the window so the house can be nice and warm again. He’s supposed to come in between 11am and 1pm which will probably mean he’ll be here at 2pm…. Actually he came at 11.30. Oh well, you can never tell. He’s now working on the window. I hope he’s not going to glue it shut, like the idiot with the kitchen windows.

I bought all the yarn for my Christmas presents – I left that a bit late, I know, and I still have 3 bodies, 3 tails,3 heads 8 pairs of arms, 6 pairs of horns and ears to knit as you can see. My safety eyes arrived safely Saturday morning and I can’t wait to try them out. G and I tried to do a brain surgery on a sheep to give Mopple the Whale some safety eyes, but it turned out to be rather difficult to do this after you have sewn the thing together. So Mopple still has his two stick-on eyes although one of them is a bit wobbly.

We baked a lot of Christmas cookies this weekend. Unfortunately we didn’t find any fresh yeast for the Stollen (if anyone knows where to find it in London, please let me know!), so we gave up on that for this weekend.

Basler Brunsli - not in their traditional shape

Basler Brunsli - not in their traditional shape

We will try again next Saturday. We chose two recipes: Basler Brunsli from delicious days and Zimtsterne (cinnamon stars) from an old German newspaper. Both turned out to be absolutely yummy. Delicious days has a lot of cookie recipes, in case you’re not sure which ones to make have a look at their blog. They have  some gorgeous pictures too! (Little brake from writing this for going downstairs and getting some cookies… too much talk about cookies!)

I got my tickets for MH’s first concert. He been practicing for months – randomly breaking into Christmas songs (since September!) . Yesterday he started adding arm movements (a couple of songs will have choreography). I’m looking forward to that!




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