Unexpected gifts…

mail unclaimed

I had an unexpected surprise to myself yesterday morning. Months ago I took part in the Coffee & Chocolate swap on Ravelry. It was a bit difficult to get in touch with my swap partner, but we finally managed. I got J and G to pick out nice coffee, chocolate (as I had the flu and couldn’t leave the house) and even some very nice yarn and sent it to New York more than 6 weeks ago. Yesterday morning I was slightly bewildered when I opened the door and was given a packet that looked exactly like this one (by a slightly harrassed looking post man – must be near Christmas). It had stayed at the post office in New York and never was claimed! J, who was home with me, was deeply disappointed. Looking at it from a more practical point of view it was great to have good coffee sent to you when you just happen to run out of it!

With nearly all the Christmas knits and presents together (last one got delivered this morning) G and I enjoyed a quiet

Gift Set Baby Boy

Gift Set Baby Boy

morning (although knitting frantically) before we will go out to throw ourselves into the madness of the post office, possibly the search for a new coat and MH concert in the evening.  Despite all the family gifts to knit I managed to finish the Baby Boy gift set for my former collegue V with the new labels – which arrived just on time yesterday!

I even managed to check out Alice’s new shop on Wednesday and bought some lovely yarn for a project lthat will be attempted while sitting in front of my parents fireplace  …

(listening pause as G tries frantically to order a present from the Dancing Deer Company while our phone runs out of energy… does no one ever put the phone back to recharge it…. ahhrgh!?!)

Right, now that’s done! All missions accomplished: including tickets for the bus to the airport (at our most favorite time of the day at 4.00am) and the Byzantium exhibition (of course there is also the Miró and Braque exhibition – but one can’t see them ALL in one day!) at the Royal Academy of Arts for Tuedsay morning (to celebrate the start of holidays). Now I should better drag my body out of the house before the queue at the post office gets too long….


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