Christmas gift saga

Last Christmas Gifts

Last Christmas Gifts

The new year is already 8 days old and it’s far too late to review the year (other people have done so more eloquently anyway), but it’s not too late to unwrap late Christmas gifts.

Sometime in early December my sister ordered my Christmas present – and that was it for some time. To my sister’s total horror it didn’t show up in time for Christmas.  Obviously no one was working in between Christmas and New Year’s and she couldn’t find out what was happening; plus the money wasn’t deducted from her account; all a mystery…  but then on Tuesday morning the gift appeared at my parents’ house – where it was actually supposed to go! My father dutifully went to the post office and sent an enormous packet to me which he expected to be there in about a week. Ha, but no! The Post was super efficient and a very friendly post man delivered it on Friday morning! It was an enormous packet and just unwrapping it took a long time. The actual present was much smaller. It’s a stripy toughened glass worktop saver: heat resistant up to 280°C (I don’t have a thermometer that would go that far), dishwasher safe, odor and stain resistant and with a life time guarantee against breakage! I wanted something like that for ages!! It’s one of those things you like, but they are not on the essential-for- survival-list (like the camera strap I want for the new camera…) and you keep postponing them and postponing them. Although I decided that if I have enough money at the end of the month I will buy the camera strap, I just need to decide which one. Oh, the choices… Have a look at the link and tell me which one I should get!!

Also arrived: the gift from former housemate and friend H from Berlin a book by Oliver Sacks which is just perfect.

And- almost as a New Year’s Gift (so to speak) arrived the first child of colleague and friend D and his wife A; a cute little boy. Congratulations! G and I have been knitting for the baby; we already bought some extremely cute buttons at Churchmouse Yarn & Tea last year in October… but more about this in a later post…


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