The virtual seat

This morning didn’t go to according to my plan.The actual plan was to fold the ‘year review’ flyers (mindless job) and post them to our charity in Germany… but I kept postponing this important task by surfing on the Internet trying to find some background noise (music or new audio book) to keep me occupied.

Berliner Philharmonie
Berliner Philharmonie

And I discovered this. The Berliner Philharmoniker launched their new concept of the digital concert hall under the heading ‘Any Place, Any Time’. According to a rumour the desire to have this form of a concert hall came from the orchestra players. Oh well what can I say? It has never hurt any musician to be a good business person… so you can even sell tickets to an already sold out house – for a reasonable amount of money (between 5€ and 9€ per concert) and not like that cinema in London (which shall remain unnamed) which sold tickets for a Metropolitan Opera broadcast (Met goes to the Cinema) for 22! The concerts already performed remain accessible in the Archives.  The website asks you to do a stream test before you log in and buy tickets so you have an idea what the sound and picture quality will be like.

I didn’t feel like Dvořák or Brahms this morning so I watched bits of the Education Programme (Songs – Requiem) which was developed for the Brahms Requiem some time ago. Having done Education work for Opera almost all my life  I know what it means and how time consuming it is  finding a new approach/programme/theme for the kids to draw them in. I really like the Education Zukunft@BerlinPhil programme and have so far enjoyed watching everything they presented. I love the fact that they can spend so much time with the kids – compared to our programme where we sometimes feel like  runing a military organisation. Having considerably more money and staff to run this programme  – like the Berlin Phil does – helps – a lot!

There are some free clips here if you’d like to see some bits from Orchestral works, excerpts from an interview and a welcome message. I liked the orchestral clips (haven’t seen the other ones yet, didn’t feel like I wanted to be welcomed to a digital hall), especially as they allowed me to watch the person I had a big crush on in my school time…. We played together in the school orchestra and a cello quartet. He’s been with the Orchestra for years now – still looks the same as he did in school. And no, I’m not going to tell who it is, you can guess if you like though 🙂 meanwhile I’ll go back to folding flyers.


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