Snow – snow – snow

snow in london

snow in london

Snow! Lots of it! After some alibi snowflakes yesterday afternoon it started to seriously snow yesterday night as we went out to celebrate the arrival of M-P, J’s best friend who stays with us for three weeks. After some early closed restaurants we had a brilliant evening at Del’ Aziz with fabulous but way too much food (the leftovers are in the fridge ) and life arabic music. We managed to come back all right, except for J who fell and twisted her arm. M-P meanwhile was in heaven (first snow ever!) took 100s of pictures, enjoyed every snowflake.

G got up this morning and in my still sleepy brain (it takes me a loooong time to resume ‘normal mode’ in the mornings) I heard her voice saying ‘It’s still snowing!’ . BBC says it the worst snow fall in 18 years. On a personal note the one  5 or 6 years ago wasn’t bad either. It took us 6 hours to come back home from town and I’m still freezing only thinking about stitting at Northwick Park Station with open (!) doors for 20 minutes while the snow came in through the doors of the train.

Well, the  obvious thing happened: everything ground to a halt, no busses, no trains and almost no tube service (but you can take the tube with your bus pass today, if you reach an open station).

The rest of Europe would just go on with life. We had this kind of weather many winters, but I cannot remember that public transport broke down in Germany. I’m sure everyone on the team remembers the famous snow Messiah three years ago. There were some interesting moments where the eletricity threatened to fail. Later we would know that 4000 households had no electrity because the amount of snow on the electrical tower had crushed them in this area. The only real problem we had was the airport as they couldn’t clear the runway long enough so on the day after the concert we sat at the airport for 6 hours, but streets, motorways were free of snow and public transport was running fine.

We all had an attempt at going to work this morning. But due to what they call adverse weather conditions here, we all stayed in.  J was really hard to convince to stay home; she was prepared to walk in, but could be persuaded just to walk to the corner shop to buy milk . G’s set up her office in her room, logging in to work, and I’m sort of floating around.


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