Keine reine Frauensache: Auch Männer haben Lust zu stricken © Tanja Kernweiss

Thanks to Annkari‘s blog I found that knitting  is now trendy in Germany. Die ZEIT (a big weekly newspaper) published an article in their January online student magazine Campus  An die Nadel: Stricken ist wieder angesagt (Onto to the needle: knitting is cool) written in their typical academic style. With the right attitude it makes it fun to find out why knitting (which is not strictly speaking academic) is now booming. Well girls, let’s face the main fact (according to Die Zeit): knitting is in because – (please do sit down BEFORE you continue reading, and put away all beverages that you might be tempted to spill on your computer and thus cause any damage!)  –  .. men dare to crawl out of their little holes in the wall and enter the domain that was formerly dominated by women, now wanting to join the fun and knit too. To be trendy in the US as well as in the UK, the article tells us, you not only have to go to a Pilates or Yoga class, but you have to knit on public transport on the way to your class.  The author then proceeds to tell us that everyone knows that knitting is as complex as understanding the Linus software system and knitting men are anyway only accepting the inheritance of their forefathers, as women (a gender that is easily overwhelmed by complex subjects such as knitting) only learned to knit in the 19th century.  And thanks to Debbie Stoller all knitting women are now third-generation-feminists (what ever that is). Knitting is more than just a hobby – it’s a political statement. (This obviously raises a lot of questions: which political statement? – and can different knitted items be used for individual or specific statements? – what would Endpaper mitts stand for…..?) At last the author mentions Ravelry as being founded last year with more than 200.000 registered users (to be hair splitting exactly 292.884 as of today and if it was founded in 2008 why are some people member since 2007…? ) —

Oh well – better get onto knitting some more of my political statement!


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