Knitting makes you re-think – a window to the world

If you have read the last entry you’ll have come across the term “third-wave-feminst” and perhaps (like me) you had no idea what it meant either.  Since the article in question suggested that every knitting woman is one, I was curious what sort of person I was supposed to be and I googled the term quickly after I wrote the entry.  Personally I have some problems with the term feminst. Probably I’m affected by the prejudice that everything feminist is unattractive, unsexy, inhibited and narrow-minded. Honestly, who wants to be that? And with lots of women in leading positions one might think that this movement is obsolete. Nevertheless, I started thinking about it and I read about feminism, post-feminism, pop-feminism and first to third-wave feminism. And as I didn’t have a particularly good week, thinking took longer…

Toutes à lécole

Toutes à l'école

Unexpectedly this morning (curling up in bed with the French Marie-Claire) I was reminded of this subject.  Since 2006 every March Marie-Claire dedicates the lead article to their foundation ‘La Rose Marie-Claire’ under the heading  ‘Because the eduction of girls advances the world’. Together with their partners (amongst them Toutes à l’école – all (girls) to school – and Care) they raise money to build schools for girls -not to discriminate boys, but because in most families if a child is allowed to go to school it’s the boy and not the girl.  ( And obviously it has to be in the March edition with the 8th being the international day of women. DOH!)  Reading just the firt phrases of the article made me think that feminsm (which wave ever) has perhaps not outlived itself, but is still as needed as always. “What sort of world is it where at the dawn of the third millenium one menaces little girls who go to school with death? The maniac ultimatum of  the  Pakistan Taliban brings us the prove that without the education of women, men’s barbarianism will never end.” To break this vicious circle Maire-Claire has created it’s foundation. With each white rose sold in between 2nd and 8th March 50% of the price is given to the above named charities to build schools for girls mainly in Cambodga and Benin as well as helping underprivileged French Students. With 310 369 roses sold in 2007 they raised 502 467€. For those of you who speak French, here is the official 2009 TV Spot . Besides buying a rose (which might be difficult not living in France althought they are sold via Fleurop) the Toutes à l’école website gives the oportunity to give individually or sponsor a child.

Thinking about girls being burnt with acid because they went to school, makes me realise how fortunate I was being able to go school. (Ok we did have  RAF – Rote Armee  Fraktion – death threats when I went to school in Paris, but it was only years later that I realised how dangerous that was).  And after all maybe knitting does reconcile me with the term feminist…


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