Spring Clean…15 days to go

Spring clean

Spring clean 09

After the lonely Christmas clean desaster I called for a team clean event (to be held in exactly 15 days from today). My parents are visiting for Easter and will stay for a week: I need the house to be in a “Schöner-Wohnen-Zustand” (a “state of beautiful living…”). Schöner Wohnen ist actually a magazine, I believe it was one of the first one of this kind in Germany, and in my teens my mother would occasionally buy an issue. It definitely didn’t look as snazzy as the website I just googled – just because I was curious how they look now… Later in our university days this referred to the typical situation of the flat being in a mess and parents arriving any moment, and the last thing anyone wanted was a mother starting to clean the flat.

So far I have started the process with two days of spring cleaning my computer – getting rid of duplicated files, storing lots of my opera audio files on the external hard drive, defragmenting. And ending up adding a cool Apple outfit to the desktop with Rocketdog (I don’t have a Mac, and can’t have one either, because some of my programs were bought especially for Windows – well I could if I wanted, but this is way over my budget)  – ok, this was strictly speaking not necessary – but definitely fun, especially choosing the add-ons!

I have written a to-do-list and we’re going to create a time plan that primarily should prevent me from working like a maniac for 24 hours solid and then crashing in bed with fever for a week.  Maybe  I can keep myself occupied by taking picture of the rest of the house cleaning….? And there are some “sitting jobs” like sorting through clothes or organising stash.

There will be a lot of sewing going on over the weekend. G and I bought material at Peter Jones last week for some home improvement. Also during this weekend we should finally have the sheep eye surgery to help Mopple. We received good instructions from R, my sister’s boyfriend, who is an anesthesiologist specialising in eye surgery. I started to prepare Mopple  mentally for what’s waiting for him, telling him that after that he will see much better.  If you would like, you can leave him a little comforting message – it would make him feel better and we’ll read it out for him.


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